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Annette Nordstrom

Annette Nordstrom


Annette & Christian started working as a stylist and photo team in 2011. They share a great passion for fashion, interior and food photo productions. Their base is in Oslo where they have a studio outside on a farm in the Norwegian countryside. The team travels a lot. Their work has taken them to Finland, Singapore and Morocco where they lived and worked for longer periods. Annette & Christian share an excellent and unique vision and strive to create a mix of several styles in their photo and styling productions.

Annette Thorsbye has been working as a photographer for the last eight years. She has specialized in interior and food photography, but also produces a lot of fashion, commercial and lifestyle pictures. She also trained as an interior consultant and works as an interior designer.
She has worked with many prestigious magazines such as Elle Decoration, Maison Decoration and Vakre Hjem & Interi�r.

Christian Thorsbye has been interested in fashion and beauty all of his life. He has been working as a stylist for the past seven years and has worked on fashion and interior photo productions. His latest passion is food styling.
He has worked for local and international magazines like Maison interior, Vakre hjem & Interi�r, Design interior and FHM and many more.

Annette Nordstrom
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