Industrial Magic

Industrial Magic

Artikkeli 13391586 | © living4media / Scoffoni, Anne-Catherine | 57 kuvaa

Amy fell in love with the old factory's industrial character straight away; DE

Amy Brandhorst used her experience as a freelance designer to turn her apartment, originally a piano factory, into a chic and inviting home. She has preserved the spirit of the industrial architecture while adding a softer touch. The exposed storage and open industrial kitchen is balanced out by the low, cosy sofas with seats deep enough to sleep on.

Artikkelinro.: 13391586
Kuvien lukumäärä: 57
Teksti: Text written upon request (700-1000 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Scoffoni, Anne-Catherine
Aihe: Interiors
Oikeudet: Worldwide first rights available upon request, except in DE, UK
Rajoitukset: not available in DE
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Tilaaminen: Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi high res-kuvat ja tekstit.

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201-m2 201-sqm Alteration Apartment Brick Ceiling Brick Wall Brickwork colour accent Colour accent Company Contemporary design piece Factory Flat Harmonious high space Indoor Industrial buildings industrial loft Inside Interior Decoration Loft apartment Prop Reconstruction Renovated Renovation Room Divider Screen Set Of Book Shelves Support Timber Floor Wall Decoration woman Woman Woman (Human) Wooden Floor young living

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