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Autumn Haven

Autumn Haven

Artikkeli 12533679 | © living4media / Pagliai, Francesca | 58 kuvaa

Lia and Renzo enjoy celebrating the autumn season in their house and garden; IT

Wide open spaces and natural materials are characteristic not only of Lia and Renzo's garden, but also of their home. Large windows allow light to flood the living space whilst also giving the couple a perfect view of their gorgeous garden, which they enjoy spending time in with their two dogs.

Artikkelinro.: 12533679
Kuvien lukumäärä: 58
Teksti: Text written upon request (700-1000 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Pagliai, Francesca
Sisustussuunnittelija: Lucilla Scazza
Aihe: Interiors
Oikeudet: Worldwide first rights available upon request
Model Release: saatavilla
Property Release: There is not yet a release available. Please contact us before usage.
Hinnat: Pyynnöstä. Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi tarjouksen.
Tilaaminen: Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi high res-kuvat ja tekstit.

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Ancient Antique autumn autumn gardens Big House Building Couple Discreet Facade Fireplace Fireside Fruit Fruit Harvest Fruit Picking Garden shed Harvesting Fruit Home story with people House House with garden Indoor Inside Interior Decoration Open living room Open-plan living room Painted Wall Painting Pair Picking Fruit Picture Spiral Staircase Staircase Stairs Stairway Style Combination Style Mixture Summer House Summer-House Two floors Wall Paint wooden flooring Wooden floors

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