Graphic Flair

Graphic Flair

Artikkeli 13612214 | © living4media / Scoffoni, Anne-Catherine | 49 kuvaa

Carlos has created a magical home that is both a joy to behold & to live in; FR

Long is the road that leads to an apartment as complete as this one, because Carlos wanted it to be technical, ergonomic and artistic. Each reflection, each pencil line, the choice of lighting, and the smallest material has come to nourish a very strong desire for consistency.

Artikkelinro.: 13612214
Kuvien lukumäärä: 49
Teksti: Text written upon request (700-1000 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Scoffoni, Anne-Catherine
Sisustussuunnittelija: Carlos Pujol
Aihe: Interiors
Oikeudet: Worldwide first rights available upon request, except in DE, FR, IT
Rajoitukset: not available in DE, FR, IT
Model Release: There is not yet a release available. Please contact us before usage.
Property Release: There is not yet a release available. Please contact us before usage.
Hinnat: Pyynnöstä. Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi tarjouksen.
Tilaaminen: Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi high res-kuvat ja tekstit.

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201-m2 201-sqm 45-50 years Apartment Application Arch Blue Blueness Bluish Color Colour colours Contemporary Designer Style Elegant Facade Flat Glass Glass Front Glass Fronted Gold Graphic high space Homestory with people Indoor Inside Interior Decoration Loft apartment Luxurious Man Man (human) Metal Mezzanine open-plan living area Outside Parquet Floor Patio Residential terrace Room Divider Round Arch Screen Staircase Stairs Stairway Terrace Turquoise coloured Two floors Wall Design Wall Tile Wood Wooden

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