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Tranquil Scandi Style

Tranquil Scandi Style

Artikkeli 13228456 | © living4media / Jacobsen, Bjarni B. | 54 kuvaa

Tine and Morten left Copenhagen in favour of an old town with more space; DK

Though they liked their city apartment a lot, the family wanted to be closer to nature. The move also allowed Tine to start with the house's interior design from scratch. She has created a calm and relaxed environment, with a cool Nordic style.

Artikkelinro.: 13228456
Kuvien lukumäärä: 54
Teksti: Text written upon request (700-1000 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Jacobsen, Bjarni B.
: Anette Eckmann
: Rie Duun
Aihe: Interiors
Oikeudet: Worldwide first rights available upon request, except in DK
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Hinnat: Pyynnöstä. Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi tarjouksen.
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151-200m2 151-200sqm Baking a cake Big House black Black black- Black And White Black-And-White Blackish Blackness Building Childrens Bedroom Children's room Childrens Room Child's Bedroom Colour concept Danish Design Designer Classics Dog Façade detail Family Family house geometric patterns Gray Grey Greyly Greyness Homeoffice House House with garden Indoor Inside Interior Decoration Kids room Nordic style Nurseries Nursery Studies Study Wall Decoration White Whiteness

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