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Casa Serena

Casa Serena

Artikkeli 12675053 | © living4media / Chiaratti, Ilaria | 46 kuvaa

Serena's style is inspired by music, art and her endless imagination; IT

Serena lives with her partner and son in Melegnano, just outside of Milan. The house has changed many times already, but the current eclectic mix of Nordic style with added colour and a touch of vintage is a clear hit! While Serena enjoys adding further unique and personal items, she is keen to maintain a balance, so that the entire family - including dog, parrot and domestic gecko - feel cosy.

Artikkelinro.: 12675053
Kuvien lukumäärä: 46
Teksti: Text immediately available (623 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Chiaratti, Ilaria
Aihe: Interiors
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