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A Farm in Norway

A Farm in Norway

Artikkeli 11155754 | © living4media / Nordstrom, Annette | 38 kuvaa

Country Charm in Vesby, Norway

Interior designer and photographer Annette Nordstrom has transformed a typical red 19th century farm house into a perfect country refuge. The interior is constantly changing as she adds new exciting things to the grey and blue interior. She loves to blend objects gathered during her globe-trotting expeditions with antique Norwegian furniture for a mix uniquely her own.

Artikkelinro.: 11155754
Kuvien lukumäärä: 38
Teksti: Text immediately available (906 words, English)
Kuvaaja: © living4media / Nordstrom, Annette
Sisustussuunnittelija: Annette Nordstrøm
Aihe: Lifestyle
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Antique Furniture autumn Barbecued Barbecuing Being Barbecued Being Broiled Being Grilled Big House Blue Blueness Bluish Broiled Broiling Brown Brownish Brownness Building Chest Cloth Colour concept Cooker Country Country Life Country Living Couple Fabric Farmhouse Feature Field Floorboards Forest Grilled Grilling Home story with people Home Textile House Indoor Indoors inside Inside Interior Decoration Interior Design Kiln Lifestyle Man Musical Instrument Natural Nature Nostalgia Nostalgic Oven Pair Piano Picnic Retro Rural Rural Life Scandinavian style Spring Springtime Stove Stroll Strolling summer Summer Summertime Swedish house Timber Ceiling Timber Clad Timber Cladding Trunk Walk Walking Wall Paper Wallpaper White Whiteness Vintage woman Woman Wood Burning Stove Wood Oven Wood Paneling Wood Panelling Wood-Burning Oven Wood-Burning Stove Wooden Cabinet Wooden Ceiling Wooden Cupboard wooden flooring Wooden floors Wooden Furniture Woodland

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